Podcast: Episode 187 | Best of 2021


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The 50th and final episode of the year is a “best of” compilation of highlights from 12 of the most impactful conversations that I’ve had over the past 12 months. This is simultaneously my most and least favorite episode of the year to put together: I love it because it gives me an opportunity to revisit all of the amazing conversations I had in 2021; I hate it because narrowing the list down to just 12 that stood out is an excruciatingly impossible challenge. I might be biased but I think they’re all pretty special. There’s not one guest that didn’t move me in some way. It’s the honor and privilege of a lifetime to be in conversation each week with athletes, coaches, advocates, and others who teach me something about running, coaching, or living a better life. In this episode you’ll hear from 13 people whose experiences, insight, and/or advice stood out to me. They are, in order of episode release date: Alexi Pappas, Craig Curley, Dinée Dorame, Nathan Martin, Keith Kelly, Jorge Maravilla and Stephanie Howe, Mark Coogan, Christine Gould, Alison Mariella Désir, Jon Green, George Hirsch, and Alex Varner

It’s an incredible gift to be able to record those exchanges and then share them with all of you through this podcast. Thank you to all the guests who took the time out of their day to field my questions and quench my curiosity. And thank you to all of you who listened in each week. Whether you’ve listened to one episode of the podcast or all of them, I’m tremendously grateful for your interest and support. I hope these conversations have the same impact on you that they’ve had on me and help you see what’s possible for yourself through the lens of running.

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