Podcast: Episode 145 with Dinée Dorame


“I really try to reflect on why I love running in the first place and really—I’m not trying to be cheesy and fluffy about it—I really love the actual, physical action of running and I think that if you really love that, you will find a way to keep going because that’s ultimately what’s worth it. And I think if you are a slower-paced runner, that’s fine. I’ve learned to own my pace and recognize that I deserve to have goals and even if that goal is knocking just a few seconds off of your mile pace or something like that, and you’re comparing yourself to others on Strava, just keeping in mind that it’s your story and it’s all about you in that moment, and I think, in that sense, that is where I try to center myself and remember that I’m really blessed to be able to do this and I’m really grateful that yes, my feet have a lot of issues, but they also carry me every day across the land. So, I keep those things in mind and remember that there is a brighter future ahead and that I do have the capability to improve.”

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Dinée Dorame is a runner and podcast host from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’ve been mentoring her for past few months as she’s been preparing to launch her show, The Grounded Podcast with Dinée Dorame, which debuts this week wherever you listen to audio content. Dinee’s podcast is really unique and it’s going to fill a big hole in the running podcast space as she explores the intersection of running, culture, land and community through long-form conversations with runners of all backgrounds and ability levels. Her voice is a needed one and I’m excited to amplify it a bit in this week’s episode.

Dinée, who is a citizen of the Navajo nation, grew up in a running-crazy family. Her dad ran at the University of Colorado and is a successful high school coach in New Mexico. Her mom is a lifelong runner as well, and running has been a huge part of Dinée’s life for as long as she can remember.

In this conversation, we spoke about the idea for her podcast and when and how she decided to make it a reality. Dinée also told me about what it was like growing up in a running household, how her own relationship to the sport has evolved over the years, and how running helps her connect to the land. We also talked about opening up more connection points for runners within the sport, diversifying the voices we hear from, and a lot more.

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