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Podcast: Episode 149 with Keith Kelly

Keith Kelly won the NCAA cross-country title in 2001. He was a 5x All American at Providence, he finished 24th in the senior men’s race at the 2001 World Cross Country championships, and he won the Irish national cross country title in 2009. When his competitive running career got cut short due to injury, he got into cycling and rose through the ranks to race as a Cat 1 within a year of putting himself in the saddle. Now 43 years old, Keith works as a Global Run Marketing manager at New Balance.

keith kelly winning NCAA cross country

Podcast: Episode 148 with Colin Bennie

Colin Bennie is the sub-2:10 American marathoner that no one seems to be talking much about. The 25-year-old finished third at The Marathon Project in Arizona last December, running 2:09:38 in just his second marathon. He made his marathon debut at last year’s Olympic Trials, finishing an impressive ninth in 2:12:14.

colin bennie

Podcast: Episode 147 with Rajpaul Pannu

Rajpaul Pannu recently finished second at the Hoka One One Project Carbon X 2 100K in 6:28:31—it was his debut at the distance and the third fastest time ever run by an American. The 29-year-old is also a 2:17 marathoner and math teacher who is currently splitting his time between Denver, Colorado and the Bay Area.

Rajpaul Pannu finishing the Hoka Project Carbon X2 100K

Podcast: Episode 146 with Nathan Martin

Nathan Martin ran 2:11:05 at The Marathon Project back in December to finish ninth overall. It was a personal best by over three minutes and also the fastest marathon ever run by a Black man born in the United States. Nathan broke Herm Atkins’ mark of 2:11:52, which had stood since 1979.

Nathan Martin

Podcast: Episode 145 with Dinée Dorame

Dinée Dorame is a runner and podcast host from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Dinée, who is a citizen of the Navajo nation, grew up in a running-crazy family.

Dinee Dorame

Podcast: Episode 144 with Craig Curley

Craig Curley was one of most up and coming distance runners in the U.S., from about 2010-2016, clocking a 63-minute half marathon, 2:15 marathon, and some top-10 finishes at national championship races.

craig curley


by Cotton Bureau

Workout of the Week

Workout of the Week: Mile Repeat Progressions

One-mile repeats are a bread-and-butter session for distance runners prepping to race 5K, the marathon, or anything in between. Every once in a while I like to mix up the intensity and recovery a bit to work on both stamina and speed while also keeping my athletes more engaged throughout the workout.

runners on an outdoor track