Time, Why You Punish Me?

Mario Fraioli responds to Scott Fauble's blog post about super shoes in the sport of competitive distance running.

Eliud Kipchohe pointing to finish line clock

Workout of the Week: The 4-2 Fartlek

This effort-based workout is a great early to mid-season season session when you're still fortifying your fitness foundation and neither pace nor specificity are key concerns.

runner running fast on a trail

It’s Gotta Be The Shoes, Right?

How many recent middle and long distance records in track can be attributed to advancements in spike technology?

Nike Air Zoom Victory track spike

Workout of the Week: Mile Repeat Progressions

One-mile repeats are a bread-and-butter session for distance runners prepping to race 5K, the marathon, or anything in between. Every once in a while I like to mix up the intensity and recovery a bit to work on both stamina and speed while also keeping my athletes more engaged throughout the workout.

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Workout of the Week: Sit-n-Kick Ks

One-kilometer repeats are a pretty standard workout for many runners training for the mile all the way up to the marathon, and no matter how you slice ’em, they tend to make for a tough session.