September Sponsor: Spring Sports Nutrition


A big thank you to Spring Sports Nutrition for sponsoring the next couple issues of the shakeout. I’ve been using Spring’s products for the past few weeks and they’ve quickly become my go-to choice for on-the-run nutrition: natural ingredients that taste great and don’t cause me GI distress or energy crashes. There’s not a flavor I don’t like but I’ve been gravitating toward the Long Haul and McRaecovery (meant more for post-run but it’s calorie-dense and filling) early on in my long runs before switching to caffeinated Hill Aid in the later miles. I’ve been mixing Electroride Hydration Mix into my soft flasks—it’s cleaner than powder and doesn’t make me want to vomit when I drink it. The products are just wonderful—and the company’s founder, Rafal Nazarewicz, is great dude too. I met with him when I was in Chattanooga earlier this month and I knew instantly that this would be an awesome partnership. He’s a passionate runner with a PhD in Nutrition who used his science background to develop healthy, performance-minded products that kept him fueled and didn’t tear his stomach apart. I’ve quickly become a big fan of what he’s created and recommend giving Spring products a shot if you’re trying to solve your own fueling puzzle or looking for a healthier (and tastier!) alternative to what you’re using now. Use the code “shakeout” when you check out at Spring’s web store and save 10 percent on your next purchase.

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