December 2018 Sponsor: PATH Projects


Many thanks to PATH Projects for sponsoring the newsletter this month. PATH is a new U.S.-based running apparel company that designs and manufactures technically advanced running shorts, base liners, shirts and headwear that I’ve really been digging of late. In fact, I wore The Zion cap and Tahoe 3-inch base liners at CIM this past Sunday. PATH’s designs are minimalist without any big logos or bright colors—they’re just clothes that fit well, look good, and are super comfortable in a variety of situations. PATH uses a consumer direct model—their apparel is only available at—which eliminates the retail mark-up and offers you phenomenal products at a great price. Want a hat like mine? Enter for a chance to win 1 of 10 PATH Projects hats at Get a bonus entry by following @pathprojects on Instagram. My thanks to PATH for their support of the morning shakeout!

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