November 2018 Sponsor: COROS


I’m excited to introduce you to a new sponsor this month: COROS! COROS makes two new GPS running watches—the PACE and the APEX—and you won’t regret slapping either one of these performance-focused timepieces on your wrist. In fact, I’ve been using the PACE since late August and haven’t gone back to my old watch since. It has an impressive array of features including the fastest GPS signal acquisition of any watch on the market and a 25-hour battery life when in GPS mode. It’s lightweight with a super sleek form factor and the interface is intuitive, adaptable, and easy to use. The PACE has wrist-based heart rate, 4 customizable screens, a barometric altimeter for accurate elevation readings, and it comes in 3 different colors: black, blue, and red.

COROS’ latest offering, the APEX, is a premium watch that’s packed with a number of additional features. It comes in two sizes (42 or 46mm), has a titanium alloy or ceramic bezel finish (depending on model), a sapphire glass face, a digital knob to toggle through screens, and a slew of other cool tools: the COROS Trainer for advanced training and analysis, navigation track, which allows you to preload a route, follow it, and get an alert of you go off-course, Intelligent Stride, which learns your running form, and an even longer battery life (25-35 hours in normal GPS mode, 80-100 hours in UltraMax mode). The APEX also has wrist-based heart rate, a built-in barometer, altimeter, and compass, and it comes three timeless color options: black, white, and silver.

The COROS app is really well-designed, it doesn’t have a bunch of unnecessary features, and connects with the watch quickly via Bluetooth (and syncs automatically with Strava, which is important to me).

Need a new (and reliable) GPS running watch? COROS is offering morning shakeout readers a 10 percent discount on either the PACE ($299.99 retail) or the APEX ($349.99 retail). Just go to and enter the code “shakeout” at checkout to save 10 percent on your purchase. My thanks to COROS for their support of the morning shakeout!

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