October 2018 Sponsor: Enda


I’ve got a new sponsor to tell you about this month: Enda. Enda makes an awesome lightweight running shoe called the Iten that has cemented a spot in my rotation. I’ll share my thoughts—and get into the specs of the shoe—in a bit but here’s what I find super cool and unique about this company: their shoes are made in Kenya! Enda, co-founded in 2016 by Navalayo “Nava” Osembo and Weldon Kennedy, is “on a mission to bring Kenyan athletic excellence to runners everywhere and fuel economic development in Kenya.” (I recently had a chat with Osembo to learn a bit more about the company, how it came to be, its influences, biggest challenges, and goals for the future, which you can read here.) In short: Enda makes a great product that supports a worthy cause. As Osembo told me in an interview, “We’re the most socially conscious shoe on the market. We give a percentage of our revenues, not profit, to projects in Kenya that support local communities. Our customers get a chance to vote on which project we should support, hence giving them a chance to see the impact that their purchase is making in Kenya.” The shoe itself, which sells for a very reasonable $100, has a 4mm heel-toe drop and weighs in at just under 8 ounces for men and women. I’ve found it to be perfect for quicker runs and workouts with enough cushion and support for the occasional long run. It fits snug but true to size—with a roomy enough toe box to accommodate even my fat forefoot— and just lets your foot do what it wants to do. If you purchase a pair of Itens on endasportswear.com, you’ll get a free handmade beaded Kenyan bracelet with the word “SHAKEOUT” on it (see what it looks like right here). To get the SHAKEOUT bracelet with your order, add it to your cart at this link, then add a pair of Itens to the cart, use the code “AMSHAKEOUT” when you check out, and you’ll get the bracelet for free. I’m proud to be partnering with Enda for the month of October and hope you consider giving the Iten a try!

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