January 2018 Sponsor: Final Surge


My thanks to Final Surge for sponsoring the newsletter these next couple of weeks. I’m really fired up about this partnership because I’ve been using the platform since June of last year to run my coaching business (and plan my own training), and really can’t say enough good things about it. The Final Surge coaching tools and training log have been a game-changer for both me and my athletes, delivering a much improved user experience from the piecemeal system I used previously, streamlining communication into one easy-to-navigate portal and making my workflow far more efficient and effective. It syncs with Garmin, Strava and various other tracking platforms to import all the data you’d ever need to analyze. I use the platform to coach and communicate with 20-25 individual athletes throughout the year and even managed a 40-person trail running program with it this past fall. There’s a native mobile app for both iOS and Android that makes on-the-go check-ins and communication easy and seamless. Final Surge is super affordable for coaches (packages start at $9.95/month) and it’s totally free for athletes. No setup fees or up-charges for “premium” features—it’s all included. Sign up for a free-7-day coaching trial today and check it out for yourself!

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