August 2018 Sponsor: UCAN


New month, familiar sponsor: Generation UCAN. I’m grateful for this brand’s continued support of the morning shakeout. I’ve been using UCAN’s SuperStarch drink mix (Tropical Orange FTW!) before my long runs, big workouts and races for the past three years, and can’t recommend it enough for quality calories and long-lasting energy. But don’t just take my word for it—try some for yourself! Through the end of the month you can take advantage of a special “morning shakeout sample pack“—which includes one packet of UCAN SuperStarch Drink Mix (Cocoa), one packet of UCAN Protein Drink Mix (Vanilla Cream) and one UCAN Snack Bar (Chocolate)—for less than 5 bucks (which includes free shipping for U.S. customers!). Get some now as you dial in your fueling strategy for the fall racing season!

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