April 2018 Sponsor: Precision Hydration


Many thanks to Precision Hydration for sponsoring the newsletter this month. I’m super excited about this partnership as PH products have become an integral part of my preparation for this year’s Boston Marathon. My wife has also been using PH’s drink mixes and tablets in her triathlon training and racing since 2016, which is how I first became familiar with the brand.

So what makes Precision Hydration so different from other sports drinks that are on the market? I like to think of PH products as more of a sodium solution than a sports drink. Everyone loses a different amount of sodium in their sweat—from as little as 200mg of sodium per 32oz to as much as 2,000mg—which is why it’s so important to learn not only how much you sweat, but also what you’re losing in your sweat. I was fortunate enough to do this in a lab environment a couple months back, but you can use PH’s free online Sweat Test to learn more about your own needs and start dialing in a personalized hydration strategy for training and racing. In my case, I learned that I lose 962mg of sodium for every 32oz of sweat I produce, which means I’m a moderately salty sweater. To address this, I’ve been pre-loading with PH 1500 (that’s 1500mg of sodium, which is 3x stronger than typical electrolyte drinks) the night before and morning of my long runs and key training sessions. During these workouts, I only drink water and get my calories from gels and other sources (which is what I’ll also do during Boston), but have been relying on Precision Hydration beforehand (and afterward, with a PH 1000 tab, when I’m replenishing) to address most of my electrolyte needs. Precision Hydration products dissolve quickly, taste great, and don’t bother my stomach.

Find a test center near you or take the free online sweat test and try Precision Hydration for yourself: subscribers of the morning shakeout can get a free box or tube of PH electrolyte supplements (worth up to $14.99!) by using the code SHAKEOUT when you check out at precisionhydration.com. Precision Hydration is a product and a brand I wholeheartedly believe in and I’m super thankful for their support.

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