First published on November 17, 2015, the morning shakeout is a weekly email newsletter for eclectically minded folks who appreciate expert analysis and insightful, entertaining commentary on worthwhile topics such as running, writing, philosophy, coffee, culture, and living a better life. It’s written, edited and published on Tuesday mornings by me, Mario Fraioli. Select posts occasionally get republished to this website.

In short, the morning shakeout is my unapologetically subjective take on things that interest, inform, entertain, or inspire me in some way. My experiences as an athlete, coach and journalist have provided me a unique perspective on the sport of athletics and the running industry as a whole, and I regularly share my insights and opinions on issues I’m passionate about to create awareness, generate meaningful dialogue and spur healthy debate. Whether it’s exposing a recognizable athlete’s ignorant commentstaking a deep dive down running’s dark rabbit hole of doping or suggesting that the head of USA Track & Field step down for abusing the office, I am committed to calling it like I see it.

Writing this newsletter has also become my weekly exercise in deconstructing what I’m reading, listening to and/or thinking about while trying to understand how it applies to my life. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the interest and response around ideas like adopting a process-oriented approach to goal settingdeathtaking meaningful breaks or experiencing deep play. It’s my hope that my sharing these articles and personal learnings gets you to think more deeply about a particular topic or inspires you to spark a change in your own life.

Putting my own spin on things, sharing what I’ve learned through my experiences and connecting with people on a personal level through my writing has always brought me the most enjoyment. This is why the morning shakeout exists and the reason it’s in the form of an email newsletter that gets delivered straight to your inbox. Thank you for subscribing.


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