Podcast: Episode 62 with Scott Fauble

Photo: Ryan Sterner

“I went to the lead, even over Heartbreak, with a purpose and with the goal of dropping people and injecting pace—and I think that’s maybe what surprised me the most, is that I was able to be an actual factor and be something that impacted the way the race played out, which is a new feeling for me in the marathon, particularly in World Marathon Majors. In New York, I was as far back as probably 20th pretty early in the race and was kind of doing my own thing, so that was the biggest surprise—being up front—and the way we got to the 2:09:09 here in Boston.”

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Stoked to welcome the morning shakeout’s first-ever guest, Scott Fauble of Hoka Northern Arizona Elite, back to the show to talk about his recent seventh-place finish at the Boston Marathon, where he ran a big personal best of 2:09:09.

We covered a lot of good stuff in this conversation: all things Boston, of course, but also training and recovery, what the next several months are going to look like heading into the 2020 Olympic Trials Marathon, his greatest strengths as a marathoner (and where he has the most room to grow), how he keeps himself centered and grounded, where his extraordinary ability to push himself in races comes from, what’s exciting him in running right now, and a heck of a lot more.

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WATCH: Faubs on Boston: Fauble recaps his seventh-place, 2:09:09 finish at the 2019 Boston Marathon. Amazing storytelling, insight, and footage!

LISTEN: Tune in to the first episode of the morning shakeout podcast and catch up on our conversation about burritos, the business of being a professional runner, the parallels between running and writing, training for, racing, and recovering from his first marathon, and so much more.

MORE LISTENING: Fauble was also a post-Boston guest on the Citius Mag Podcast with Chris Chavez and the I’ll Have Another podcast with Lindsey Hein.

Scott Fauble Wants to Tell You His Strava Secrets: “This isn’t a sport like football or basketball where you can out-game plan somebody. You show up and you’re either fit or not,” Fauble told Outside after Boston. “Whether you share your training or not isn’t going to change how fit or unfit you are.”

Scott Fauble Likes to Compete: “Some events are more like time trials with rabbits and everything,” he told Podium Runner after Boston. “Those aren’t as interesting to me. It’s more like you’re racing the clock than racing your competitors. I like to run against other people. I find that those kinds of races are the ones that help me dig deeper and go harder.”

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