The Journey Continues


Vern Gambetta:

Fifty years ago, I had all the answers, now at age 72 I have more questions than answers. I have learned that challenging people with intelligent pointed questions is how real change occurs. Change is never easy, seldom comfortable, but it is a constant.

Gambetta has been coaching a long time—50 years to be exact—and has made an impact at the highest levels in track and field, strength and conditioning, swimming, and numerous other sports. This post sharing some pertinent thoughts and highlighting the biggest lessons he’s learned over the last five decades is solid gold for any coach in any sport.

+ Further Listening: “The process for me is all about connecting the dots and it’s definitely not linear,” Gambetta told Michael Gervais on the Finding Mastery podcast back in 2016 (episode is embedded above). “You might have A and B connected and you might jump to Z and then come back to M. It’s truly a journey….To me that’s what mastery is. It’s a constant journey. That’s what makes it really fun.”

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