Prove It (With Even More Data)


If you’re a Strava junkie like me, then you’ll love messing around with StravistiX, a free Google Chrome plug-in my friend James Walsh introduced me to earlier this week. It’s pretty slick. StravistiX allows you to dig deeper into your numbers, providing you additional metrics such as percentage of time climbing vs. flat vs. descending during a run, a comparison of yearly training progressions (for example, the plug-in allowed me to quickly compare my # of runs, total mileage, elevation and total time running up until yesterday with data the same time period for each of the four years prior), extended cadence data, and the average elevation for a given run, along with novel features such a Google maps and street view of your running route, best splits, leaderboard filters, the ability to hide challenges, created routes and activities under a certain distance, and more (especially if you’re a cyclist). Check it out!

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