Podcast: Episode 198 with Nell Rojas


“As I’ve gotten more serious about it, fun looks a little different. It’s more Type-II fun. Most importantly, because I am older, because I am 34, I have a good perspective on what is important and what matters. Sometimes, at least, I can leave my ego behind, I have that maturity. And so with all those things I’m able to be like, ‘If this isn’t fun, I’m not doing this, because this is too hard of way to make money and too hard of a way to live if it is not fun.’ So the second it is not fun, I am out.” 

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I recently had a conversation with Nell Rojas, sixth-place finisher and top American at last fall’s Boston Marathon. She’s currently getting ready to line up for this year’s race on April 18.

We covered a lot in this one. Nell filled me in on where she’s at in her Boston preparation and how it’s differing from her approach last fall. We talk about the role running has played in her life and how that’s evolved over the years. We discussed identity and why “runner” isn’t even one of the first things that comes to mind when Nell introduces herself. She told me about her relationship to her dad, the legendary Ric Rojas, who is also her coach, we talked coaching and what she’s learned from the amateur athletes she’s worked with, and a lot more. 

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