Podcast: Episode 197 with Phil Shin


“I don’t know where my future was gonna go but Gabe, she forged a path for me, and she gave me almost a call to action from that episode and it really had this divine impact on my life and completely flipped my purpose on its head…it really has rewritten my script in terms of what I want to do with the rest of my days. Because I’m still living with cancer, even though medically it may be out of me but you’re never cancer-free, so the best thing I can do is honor those who weren’t able to continue to move their mission forward. And as a consequence you carry weight as a result of that, which I’m also having to deal with, but I’m grateful to have this opportunity to carry that weight because if I don’t do it, who’s to say that anyone else is gonna do it, right?” 

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This conversation with Phil Shin is one of the most meaningful and impactful exchanges I’ve ever had for the podcast. Please listen to it—all 2 hours of it. Phil is 51 years old, he’s a husband a a father, he’s a Boston Marathon qualifier, and he is out-running cancer one mile at a time. He’s actually going to run this year’s race on April 18 with his liver donor and friend Mark Murphy, who will be running his first marathon. Phil’s story is incredible, his message is inspiring, and I feel so honored to have the opportunity to share this episode with you. 

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