It’s Gotta Be The Tools


“He’s also working this way to prove a point: that tools don’t really matter…He wants to remind people that the performance, the song, the feeling matter more than the gear you use to record it. If you want to make something, Lacy tells me, grab whatever you have and just make it. If it’s good, people will notice.”

This piece about music producer Steve Lacy is great. The above quote can easily be applied to running and writing. So many runners insist that they need to buy the fanciest GPS watch with every bell and whistle you could ever imagine before they can even think about training for a race. Or wanna-be writers who insist on procuring a top-of-the-line laptop loaded with the latest and greatest publishing software before they can put words down on the page. The reality is none of that shit makes a big difference when it comes down to it. Just get out there and start doing the work. That’s when the real magic happens.

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