2017 State of The Shakeout | Issue 100

By Mario Fraioli

Out of office. | Poʻipū, Kaua’i

Issue 100 of the morning shakeout is a special one, so I’m sharing it here in its entirety. If you’d like for it to land in your inbox first thing on Tuesday mornings, subscribe at this link.

This is a special issue as it marks the 100th straight Tuesday that I’ve sent the morning shakeout to inboxes worldwide. There are few—if any—things I’ve done in my life with as much consistency as this newsletter, and as such, I am proud to share this 100th issue with all of you, my loyal and steadily growing readership.

In keeping with a once-every-50-weeks tradition I started a year ago, I’m going to use this issue to reflect on how the morning shakeout has evolved over the past year while also shedding a little light on some new stuff you can look forward to in the coming months.

Before I go any further, it should be noted that I prepared this hundredth edition a few days earlier than usual so that I wasn’t working (too hard) while on vacation. As such, you won’t find any commentary around this past Sunday’s Chicago Marathon, and for that I apologize. Maybe later this week on themorningshakeout.com if the mood strikes me right. I have, however, included a few snippets of timeless interestingness at the end of this week’s missive to tide you over in the meantime.

And with all that out of the way, onto the second annual State of The Shakeout. We’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming next week. Enjoy! (more…)

October Sponsor: Halo Sport

By Mario Fraioli

Many thanks to Halo Sport for sponsoring the newsletter this month. Halo Sport is the first-ever headset that stimulates the brain’s motor cortex, helping build a stronger connection between the brain and muscles. Athletes such as sprinter Natasha Hastings and triathlete Tim O’Donnell are using the headphones before workouts to improve the brain’s response to training and drive gains in speed, strength and endurance. Musicians and other artists use them prior to practice sessions to help improve their skills and technique. Want to try Halo Sport for yourself? Purchase a pair at this link and use the code “TMS” at checkout to receive $100 bucks off the regular price ($599).

Do Sweat The Big Stuff

By Mario Fraioli

Chapeau to Sweat Science columnist Alex Hutchinson, who revealed last week that this column would be his last such one for Runner’s World. The lessons he’s learned over the past five years of debunking fitness myths, digging into training truths, and uncovering other surprising discoveries from the science of running are valuable and worth revisiting time and time again. If you haven’t followed Hutchinson’s work at RW over the years, lucky for you he’s compiled a CliffsNotes version of the seven things that matter most when it comes to running wisdom. Do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s full of golden nuggets like this one:

“But ultimately, you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you attribute incipient pains to training errors—and respond appropriately by backing off—rather than assuming you can keep training if you do a few extra warm-up exercises or stretch more,” Hutchinson writes. “That, I believe, is why a recent study found that even very obvious advice, delivered by a machine, can reduce running injures. We know the culprit here; sometimes we just need a reminder.” (more…)

Commit To Competing

By Mario Fraioli

Whether or not you want to believe Ethiopian Guye Adola’s claim that he found out he was running the Berlin Marathon just four days before posting the fastest debut in history, you can’t help but respect him for racing Eliud Kipchoge head-to-head and not worrying about the fact that he was running world-record pace alongside the best marathoner in the world in an event he’d never previously contested. “Anyway, they kept telling us we were five or six seconds outside the time (world record pace),” Adola told Michael Crawley for letsrun.com, “so I decided not to worry about it.”  (more…)

Review: Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch For Runners

By Mario Fraioli

Photo: Courtesy of Fitbit

While product reviews aren’t a regular part of the morning shakeout’s weekly offering (if you’d like them to be, please let me know), I do test out a lot of different shoes and various other pieces of gear and nutrition items that runners might be interested in and thinking about trying (or buying). Given that, I’m going to share my thoughts on the new Fitbit Ionic—the company’s first smartwatch, which retails for $299.95—that was sent to me for review purposes ahead of its release this month. I’ve been wearing (and running with) this GPS-enabled watch regularly for over a week now. Here’s a shakeout-style rundown of its key features, in order of relative importance to runners, with thoughts based on my own usage: (more…)

Black Roses NYC: A Cultural Phenomenon

By Mario Fraioli

GOALS. Foto by @notafraid2fail, Berlin Marathon, 24 September 2017 #blackrosesNYC

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Although they didn’t get any mention on the live feed, or receive any coverage in the post-race reports, some of the loudest buzz emanating from Berlin this past weekend was generated by the Black Roses of New York City. The 23-deep squad—which consists of men and women of various ages, races and backgrounds—stormed the German capital, sharing personal narratives and dropping personal bests that garnered them a swarm of on-the-ground attention, as well as virtually via Instagram. The social appeal—and influence—is real.




Mario Fraioli
Mario Fraioli is a writer and running coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area.