Press and You Shall Find

Photo: Matt Hoffman | Unsplash

As an avid Aeropress user with an unrepeatable recipe of his own, it was fun geeking out on how award-winning baristas weigh, grind, boil, filter, stir, press, and brew their best cup of coffee. (Many thanks to subscriber Matt Novak for the link!) I love the Aeropress (inverted method all the way!) because it’s easy to use and clean, not to mention it makes a consistently killer cup of coffee. I have a fancy stovetop gooseneck kettle, which is a total game changer in terms of the control it allows me, and a badass burr grinder to get the grounds just right. But unlike the baristas you’ll read about in the aforelinked article, however, I don’t use a scale to weigh my beans, nor do I take the temperature of my water or precisely time my press. Why? Because if there’s no element of art to the process, the fun is quickly lost for me. (That same statement could be applied to any number of areas in my life.)

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