Postmarathonism and Returning to Routine


Andy Waterman, writing on Medium:

As in running as in life, structure isn’t something that binds us and oppresses us, but rather it’s the framework within which we’re able to thrive, test our limits and make sense of the world. Whether you’re a writer or a runner, the imposition of structure is often what ultimately sets you free. If you can nail the existentialist quest for structure within postmarathonism, half the battle is won.

I loved this essay on what Waterman calls “postmarathonism” and the yearning for a return to the structure and routine running brings to his life. It’s essential re-reading now that CIM is in my rearview. After a few days of relatively routine (and running)-free living, structure is something I’m already starting to crave again—but not as much as the chocolate chip cookie I just started munching on.

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