Podcast: Episode 65 with Brady Threlfall


“I was hooked by the appeal that you could work hard and you saw those results. I think coming from team sports, where you could work hard and still not be successful because there was so many different aspects that had to click and go right for that team to be successful, whereas I noticed from a really early stage that if I did the work, I was going to be successful. It didn’t take long for my times to drop—I call it the honeymoon period now with some of the athletes that I coach—in those first 6-12 months it’s really good because if you get the training right, and if you’re patient and hit that sweet spot in training, it’s almost like every second weekend you can go out there and PR a race.”

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I really enjoyed sitting down with my first Aussie guest, Brady Threlfall, for this week’s episode of the podcast. Threlfall’s a 2:19 marathoner, a coach with Run 2 PB, and host of the popular Inside Running podcast. In this conversation, which we recorded a few months ago, we got into his introduction to the sport and progression as an athlete, coaching and working with different types of runners, Australia’s rich running history, what running culture looks like in his country, how the Inside Running podcast came to be, what’s exciting him in running right now, and a lot more.

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— Check out his website and tune in to the Inside Running podcast.

— “When I think about why I run a few things come to mind,” Threlfall told fractell.com in an interview. “First and foremost, I run for my own mental health. Running makes me a calmer, happier, goal driven and patient person. I run for performance. I like having a race or goal to focus on. Something that gets me out of bed in the morning when the cortical region of my brain isn’t fully awake, something to fuel the grind. I run to help my community with fundraising, health and wellbeing. It’s amazing that the small act of putting one foot in front of the other repeatedly can give you so much in life.”

Runner Brady is Big in Japan: “It was just amazing,” Threlfall told the The Riverine Herald after running the 2018 Nobeoka Marathon in Japan. “One day I was teaching primary school students in Tongala and the next I was being interviewed live on Japanese TV by that country’s equivalent of Karl Stefanovic,” he said.

— “It’s funny, you cross the line and think it’s a pretty good achievement getting under 30:30, all of a sudden you think: ‘Can I get under 30 minutes?’,” Threlfall told the Bendigo Advertiser in 2012 after breaking the 30-year-old Bendigo residential record in the 10K. “29:59 sounds a lot better than 30:27 so once one race finishes you start thinking about the next race.”

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