Podcast: Episode 207 with Marquis Bowden


“If I wasn’t injured right now, again, it would just be me suppressing things. At some point in time these things are going to come up—there’s no way around it, this is how life is—things come up, things happen, and I’m happy that this is happening. It gives me an opportunity, it gives me a chance to get better as a person so I can be loving to others, and caring for others, but it starts with myself. There’s no way that I can become a better runner, there’s no way I can become a better person, a better husband to someone one day, a better friend, a better coach, or coworker, X, Y, and Z, if I’m not right within.”

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This week’s conversation is with Marquis Bowden, who you may remember from Episode 132 back in the fall of 2020. Since that time nearly two years ago Marquis and I have kept in close touch and make it a point to catch up with one another every couple of weeks. His life has undergone a lot of changes since we recorded that first podcast: he moved from the only place he’d ever known, Los Angeles, California, to the mountains of Boulder, Colorado. He’s embedded himself into the running and cycling communities there and put himself on a path to chase his professional, athletic, and personal dreams. 

In this episode, we talk about that transition and what it’s been like for him. We discuss trauma, hardship, reaching out for help, and prioritizing mental health. Marquis told me about trying to take his running to the next level, navigating injuries from both a physical and emotional standpoint, the importance of leaning into his community, especially during tough times, and a lot more. 

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