Podcast: Episode 205 with Simon Freeman


“Very early in the history of Like The Wind, somebody sent us a message saying, ‘One of the things I love about Like The Wind is that you need a bookmark to read it.’ And we were like, ‘That is perfect.’ The idea that you would pick it up, have a read with a coffee, put it down, pick it up again—slow journalism. So, when you and I spoke for this podcast four years ago we were still very much in that mission. What’s happened since, and this slightly goes back to the confidence thing, is that we’ve become much more mission-driven around tackling social issues through the lens of running. And that is because we now know that we’ve got a platform, we know that we’re reaching thousands and thousands of readers in 40 countries around the world, and with that comes an obligation to address some issues that really trouble us and that we’re really determined to want to talk about—confidence that we’ve got better writers, [and] we’re able to tell these stories in a better way. And we’ve been super lucky.” 

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My guest this week, making his second appearance on the podcast, is Simon Freeman. Simon is the co-founder, editor, and publisher of my favorite running magazine, Like The Wind, a beautiful, quarterly, coffee table-style publication for runners, by runners. (Check out the conversation Simon and I had for Episode 13 here and learn about his professional and athletic background, as well as the origins of Like The Wind, which he and his wife Julie launched back in 2014.)

In this conversation, we mostly geeked out about all things publishing and media. Simon told me about how Like the Wind has evolved over the past four years, the exciting position the magazine is in right now, and where he and Julie hope to take it moving forward. We also talked about the current running media landscape and how it’s changed since our last conversation, the current state of Simon’s relationship with running (and the big goal he has on the horizon), and a lot more. 

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