Podcast: Episode 199 with Ben Rosario and Matt Fitzgerald


“I think [that] a champion, they just want to answer that question, they just want to see how good they can be. They don’t get caught up in arbitrary times, or what other people think—or in amateur runner terms, what the Boston qualifier is for their particular age-group—they just don’t think that way. And a lot of people do, and a lot of people are wired that way, but a champion just wants to get the most out of themselves and they enjoy the hardest parts of training and racing. That’s really a champion.”

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This week on the podcast I had an awesome conversation with Ben Rosario, head coach of HOKA Northern Arizona Elite, and Matt Fitzgerald, co-founder of 80/20 Endurance and prolific author of endurance sports titles, about their new book, Run Like A Pro (Even If You’re Slow), which was recently published. This was more of a Coaches Corner discussion than my typical interview-style show and in it we discussed what amateur runners can learn from their professional counterparts while covering topics like training volume, recovery, nutrition, having a champion’s mindset, and a lot more. 

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