Podcast: Episode 184 | Ask Mario Anything


“I’m not a high mileage advocate. I’m not a low mileage advocate. I’m a right mileage advocate. Find the right mileage that works for you—the most miles that you can run without compromising your performance in workouts or races, without compromising your recovery, without compromising your life outside of running, your relationship with your family and friends, work, etc. Find out what that is for you. It’s going to be a little bit different for everyone. There’s a huge misnomer out there that, ‘Oh, if I want to be good at the marathon I’ve got to run over 50 miles a week. Or over 70 miles a week. Or over 100 miles a week,’ whatever it is. Everyone’s got a different idea in their head what they need to be doing; find out what that peak is for you and try to run as many weeks as possible at that volume in the 12-16 weeks leading up to a marathon—not every week, you should cycle, build in rest weeks, that sort of thing—but find that highest sustainable volume for you.”

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This week on the podcast I’m answering listener questions in the final Ask Mario Anything episode of 2021. (You can check out the first three here, here, and here.) On the other side of the mic for this one, per usual, is Chris Douglas, my good friend and sponsorship director for the morning shakeout. Some exciting news before we get into this one: These AMA-style episodes will become a more regular thing in 2022! We’ll be producing them on a monthly basis in the new year in addition to the usual interview-style show. 

In this episode, we talked about my New England roots, getting over mental blocks in marathon training, transitioning to trail racing, coaching trail and ultrarunners, creating multiple race plans, and more.  

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions and apologies for all the ones I wasn’t able to answer in this episode. Got a question for the next Ask Mario Anything Episode? Send it to me here.

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Music and editing for this episode of the morning shakeout podcast by John Summerford.

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