Good Enough is Good Enough


Brad Stulberg, writing for Outside:

Research shows that sustainable progress, in everything from diet to fitness to creativity, isn’t about being consistently great; it’s about being great at being consistent. It’s about being good enough over and over again.

This one hit home. Despite the fact that I tell my athletes all the time they should approach their training like baseball—i.e., you don’t need to knock every workout out of the park, so to speak, you just need to make good contact and consistently get on base—I often need to remind myself of the same principle when it comes to various pursuits in my own life. Case in point: my newsletter and podcast, where the deep-rooted desire to make every issue and episode great, rather than “good enough” week in and week out, more often than not causes me hours of lost sleep, decreased enjoyment in the process itself, and unnecessary stress and anxiety.

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