This is a 100-day marathon-focused training program for Boston beginning on Saturday, January 6 and culminating on race day, Monday, April 15. It is limited to 25 athletes who are already registered for the 2024 race. The team will be coached by me, Mario Fraioli. This is a unique coaching offering that combines my experience and expertise with an incredible community of likeminded teammates and amazing support from our brand partners in an effort to help you have the best race you possibly can on April 15. It’s my hope that over the course of the program’s 100 days that you’ll learn a lot, ride an unending wave of motivation, meet some awesome people, and feel as prepared as ever when you step up to the starting line. The cost for the program is $750 USD.

What’s included:

— 100-day Boston-specific training program delivered through Final Surge. It will be scaled to match your experience level and current training load.

— Twice weekly strength workouts as part of your training plan. 

— Weekly email featuring the training focus for the week, Boston-specific tips, and other useful bits of information and inspiration.

— Weekly group office hours over Zoom with Coach Mario.

— Two team calls (one kick-off and one pre-race). 

— Two guest speakers.

— Private online community where you’re connected to Coach Mario other team members and can ask and answer questions, access content, take advantage of partner discounts, and more.

— Two pairs of new balance running shoes (one trainer, one racer).

— Team-branded singlet.

— $100 toward Precision Fuel and Hydration product.

— Race-weekend shakeout run and meet-up in Boston.

— 30-minute 1-on-1 phone/Zoom calls with Coach Mario are available for an additional charge of $75/each.

What’s not included: 

— Race entry. You must already be registered for Boston as a qualified runner or charity entrant.

— Personalized coaching, customized workouts, and individualized feedback.

— In-person training sessions. 

— Products beyond what is listed above.